Back on the Wagon

My oh my. I fell of the wagon this weekend, hardcore. I can’t help but blame polish vodka, and its after effects. Seeing as hard alcohol is about as primal as a loaf of bread with refined sugar on top, I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh well, it was a special occasion, and I had a great time. 80/20, right? The good news is, the alcohol completely killed my chest cold. Weird…

After a day of eating tummy easing carbohydrates, I jumped back on the wagon this morning. Nothing like a green smoothie to regain my cravings for living foods!

This evening I cooked a delicious 4 poundish cross rib roast curtesy of Grazing Days . I :

– let roast sit on counter for 30 minutes to reach room temperature
– preheated the oven to as hot as my oven goes, about 480f
– massaged olive oil and spices into the Beef (something called Perfect Spice, kind of like Montreal steak spice, and summer savory)
– covered my roasting pan in tin foil to make clean up easier, and put the cut of angus beef in the oven
– I let the meat braise for about 10 minutes on the high heat, then turned the oven down to 200 degrees and went out for a couple hours
– when I got back home I checked the temperature of the beef with a meat thermometer (was only 140f, I like my roast done to about 160, or medium)
-turned oven up to 350f, and cooked for another 30 minutes, which gave me perfect medium meat

I was surprised how tender the cut was. I think cooking for longer at a lower temperature helped.

I also made some mashed sweet potatoes whipped with a little
Butter, cinnamon and very little honey, and some broccoli.

I’m off for a walk now, then back to regular workouts tomorrow. I need to purchase some weights for my home. Lifting heavy things is a massive part of the primal fitness plan that I have yet to tap into. I do plenty of pushups and planks in my kickboxing class, but I need more strength training to balance all the cardio. I won’t have access to lunch hour circuit training classes at my new job 😦

Enjoy the pics!!!!