Weigh-in and Measurements (part1)

Good morning!

I call this (part 1) because I am only 3 days away from Aunt Flow paying a visit, and will likely see different results after she leaves town. hopefully moving from 100% primal, to 80% primal, will not mucky with things too much.


Before: 158-159 pounds (scale I used for first weigh in seems to be off by 2-3 pounds) 

After: 152.3 pounds… So, I’ve lost at least 6 pounds, I think that is really going to be more like 8-10.

So, not crazy results… But…


Waist: from 29 to- 27.5
Chest: 34 and 36 to- 32 under the girls, 36 over
Hips: from 37- 36.5
Butt: from 41 to 39!
Thighs: from 25 big ones each to- 24 smaller-big ones each!

That’s a total loss of 8 inches! Yep, I’m pretty happy with those numbers. Anything that actually makes my butt and thighs smaller is okay in my books. I think this was, and will continue to be, totally worth the sacrifice.

I had the biscotti waiting for me on my desk, when I got to work this morning… and I think that will be my only non-primal indulgence today. Not feeling any crazy gluten affects at the moment, but it was a pretty small piece. And also, pretty freaking delicious.

Day 1000…I mean, 28

Holiday treats are out full force. I can’t deny the benefits of eating the way I have been… My eyes are brighter, my complexion is better than ever, my nails are stronger, and my pants are looser. But man- what I wouldn’t have given for some Christmas treats, today.

What really sucks is that I still need to be careful after the 30 days, because I stupidly timed this whole thing to end a couple days before I get you know what, ladies. I can’t really weigh and measure myself and test the results fairly, until Aunt flow leaves town, and takes the bloating with her.

Luckily, Mark sent out a great primal insider newsletter today, that eased my mind. He talked about the 80/20 principle, and how people have to stop freaking out if they cave and have a slice of bread, or have a slice of cake at work when offered by their boss- occasional cheats will not undue weeks of hard work, as long as you stick to plan 80 % of the time. This made me feel better, because I’m looking forward to enjoying upcoming Christmas parties , and the spiced rum that may come along with them 😉 I may even want to break out a piece of pumpkin pie fudge I’ve been dying to try (Char, thank you for hiding that in your fridge. I think you’ve earned a few pieces yourself!)

After all, this is not supposed to be a crash diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Treats need to be okay every once in a while.


Breakfast (930am)

Scrambled eggs and bacon, 1/4 cup cherries, small apple (need those nutrients to get rid of this chest cold)

Lunch (130pm)

Leftover sauerkraut and hot turkey sausages, 1 yellow pepper

Dinner (630pm)

Primal chicken soup (kicked the ass of my last one. Made it spicier with a while hot bonnet pepper, added lots of crushed garlic for antioxidants, more onion, more carrot, more summer savory… More of everything!

I also has a few squares of 90% dark chocolate, hoping to soak up antioxidants from that too.


Bikram yoga (730-9pm)

So addictive, and so amazing. It’s hard not to feel like a million bucks after an hour of stretching in a sauna. Was too sick to kickbox.


Still run down from being sick, but Getting back on track.


Day 26

This post will set a record for being the sloppiest, and most boring. I’m tired and still fighting an illness of some sort, so it’s off to bed at 1130 on a Saturday night.

Food: I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and cherries for breakfast. For lunch I had some macadamia nuts and dark chocolate (at the movies). For dinner I had sauerkraut and hot turkey sausages, with half an orange pepper (because they talked about this in the movie, and I started to crave it). At kickboxing movie night I had half a smoothie (thanks Doug!) and some macadamia and honey primal cookies I made. I must have had like 6 of these. I feel a bit defeated by that, but seeing as I avoided all the non-primal food (including pizza), I have to think of it as a victory.

I followed the basic primal cookie recipe to make those cookies (see previous post) and added macadamia nuts. They were a hit !

In terms of energy, clearly, I’m sick. I need a solid good night sleep. I have to cut out the dark chocolate for a while, something in it is keeping me up! 😦

I walked around today, no real exercise.