Before Stats

Before Stats
Height: 5″4
Weight: 156 (a “normal” weight for my height is 145 pounds, at the highest end of my BMI) this was probably really 158, as scale I used for this is about 2 pounds off of my digital one)
Waist: 29″ (28 if I’m sucking in)
Hips: 37″
Booty: 41″
Chest: 34″ under the girls, 36″ over
Thighs: 25 big ones each




3 thoughts on “Before Stats

  1. jenny says:

    you are so cute in all three of these photos! good luck over the next 30 days!

  2. Ayesha H. says:

    I agree with Jenny! Those photos are super cute, especially your nerd office one! 😀

    Good luck – I’m excited to see the results, I’m looking for something that will help me too!

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