Why would I put myself through this?

I’d like to say that this “experiment” isn’t about weight loss, but that wouldn’t be entirely true. For as long as I can remember over the last 28 years of my life, I’ve  been concerned about my body weight. I am currently 5″4 and 156 pounds (first thing in the morning, anyway), but I’ve been as heavy as 200 pounds, possibly more. When I was 22 years old the motivation of revenge that is only possible after a bad breakup, led me to exercise regularly and refrain from eating my feelings. In about 4 months I was able to reach the weight I’m at today, and have been within about 15-20 pounds of that, since (lightest at 148 pounds).

When I started thinking about what I put in my mouth in terms of nutrition and lifestyle, and not only appearance, I was able to stop the yoyo from swinging too far in the wrong direction. I started “eating clean” about 10 months ago, and have been able to maintain my body weight, but the way I feel varies, as do my cravings for processed foods and sweets. When I reduced the amount of refined sugars I was eating, and started being more conscious of the quality of meat in my diet, I was feeling pretty darn good about 75% of the time- then I started training for a half marathon.

I loaded up on carbs to make it through my long runs (whole grains, ancient grains, oats) and things started to go downhill. For starters, the constant cold that I’ve had in the mornings since childhood started getting worse. I couldn’t go out for a run without an ample supply of Kleenex. At the time I thought that  I was starting to form seasonal allergies, but after reading success stories on Mark’s Daily Apple, I’m wondering if pollen is what I’m allergic to. I also noticed acne flaring up in strange places (mainly my bottom), and recently, eczema started forming on my face. I thought this might be from the change in temperature, but everyone keeps telling me it is stress related (I didn’t think my life was all that stressful!) I’ve also noticed that I am feeling tired more often than I used to, and that my body weight can fluctuate as much as 6 pounds over the course of the day. That seems like a lot of bloating to me.

Very long story short- I’m going primal in hopes of finally losing the last 10-20 pounds of body fat stuck on my butt and thighs, but also because I’m not getting any younger, and I’d like to feel completely healthy, for once in my life.

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