Primal Carrot Cake

January is almost over, and I’m happy to say I’ve been “primal” about 80% this month, which has been more like 90%, the last couple weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still indulging in dark chocolate and primal baked goods more often than I should be, if I plan to get rid of the last 15 pounds of excess fat on my body… But at least I’m not hitting up sugar mountain or eating cartons of commercial ice cream. Yay me, for turning my emotional eating on fruits, sweet potatoes, and almond flour baked goods.

I’m back on track though. The four pounds I gained over the holidays are gone, and my exercise is back up to snuff. I purchased some weights for my apartment, and have been doing my primal lifting about twice a week, when not too sore from kickboxing.

At the request of a friend who has officially just gotten through his own 21 day primal challenge (yay George!) and my wonderful wheat-free neighbor (yay Char!) I took my primal approved baking to another level, by making carrot cake.

We followed the recipe found at the following link, but doubled it… Because you can never have too much carrot cake!

I was pretty happy with the result. A little more moist than a traditional cake, because there is no flour to absorb the moisture, and you need plenty of mashed bananas and whatnot, to hold the thing together… But I was impressed, and could not control the moaning sounds coming out of my mouth as I chewed. I know, another TMI moment. I’ve always been an over- sharer.

Note that our cakes took at least 20 minutes longer to bake through, than the 50 minutes the recipe suggests. Our carrots and bananas could have been bigger, I guess (more moisture in the recipe could have extended the cooking time).

This is definitely something I would have as a rare treat… Maple syrup and cream cheese become very unprimal if consumed regularly, or in large portions.

Also, check out the pic of our primal Scottish eggs! Got the idea for them off this MDA post.









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