Chocolate Chip Cookies and “All You Can Eat” Sushi

Hey Primal fans and friends! A friend of mine is nearly a week into his own primal trial, so I’ve been given the opportunity to test some new primal alternatives to traditional sweet tooth favorites. He is already seeing benefits! No more morning breath, and down 10 pounds, as he is no longer bloated… Way to go!!!

This weekend we tackled old fashioned chocolate chip cookies from one of my favorite paleo/primal blogs. Click here for the recipe and instructions. We followed them exactly, but personally found the cookies to be done at about 13 minutes, as opposed to the recommended 15.

This was my first time cooking with coconut oil… Delicious! It’s funny, because you expect it to be the same consistency of other oils, but it is actually a hard paste that requires some melting to work with it. I do not melt it to liquid, only until it is the consistency of pudding… That is the best comparison I can come up with right now.

I definitively recommend them. Unlike the other primal cookies I’ve tried, these would be mistaken for regular chocolate chip cookies, they don’t have that “healthy” taste, or gritty texture. I used 71% dark chocolate chips, to give the cookies an extra rich taste, and keep the carb content down. Traditional semi-sweet chips are at around 50% cocoa.

Warning for those especially carb conscious… Don’t have more than 1 or 2 a day! Maple syrup is ridiculously high in carbs, and there is half a cup in this recipe, which yielded about 30 cookies, dropped on a parchment lined baking sheet, in heaping table spoons.






I also wanted to share with you, that I think all you can eat sushi can be primal, on occasion. Well, 80% primal. I went on Friday for the first time in months, and stuck to sashimi, miso soup, and seaweed salad. Well, I had some green tea ice cream at the end, but that was a planned indulgence. Also, I stopped eating long before I was uncomfortably full. Here are pics!





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