Hello 2012

Ah, a new year- the perfect time to make a new start after the inevitable holiday binge. And boy, did I ever binge! Pies, cakes, cookies, processed meats, excessive alcohol consumption, white potatoes, potato chips and sandwiches… YES, sandwiches. Mark would be so disappointed in me.

I had the best of intentions, heading home for Christmas. I planned the days and ways that I would be only 80% primal. Sadly, my new lifestyle is no match for nostalgia and the challenges of living for one week in a home without a steady supply of vegetables and natural foods, and plenty of temptations.

Luckily, I couldn’t go too far off the primal track, at least not at first. The light headedness and stomach cramps that accompany eating processed foods and grains prevented that, before eating too many of these things muted my awareness of my intolerance. I exercised quite a bit, and didn’t binge as much as I have in previous years… So hopefully I didn’t undue all of my hard work. I’m terrified to check the scale- I’ll wait until the bloating goes away!

While I was home I read plenty of primal/paleo blogs, and was jealous of their primal Christmas feasts. Next time
I go home for Christmas I have to make an effort to make primal versions of holiday treats, and save myself the labour pains brought on by my grain and processed sugar based food baby.

To get back on track this morning I killed my new years hangover with some peppermint tea, eggs, natural bacon, and a green smoothie. Then I took an afternoon nap (getting adequate sleep is a very important primal law, after all!) and went for a walk. For dinner I enjoyed grass-fed steak, broccoli, and an orange pepper. Mmm mmmm good. Later this evening I killed my craving for something comforting by making peppermint hot chocolate with unsweetened chocolate almond milk and peppermint extract. I’m also drinking plenty of water to ease the withdrawal migraine that will inevitably come sometime tomorrow. I went to a bikram yoga class when I got back to the city, but the positive detox effects of that session were probably ruined by the alcohol I consumed last night.

Here’s to taking control over my stomach again, with another 21 days of being 100% primal. Time to rock out with my grok out, and more hardcore than ever! I’m going to make every effort to keep my carbs closer to 50 than 100 grams a day. Let’s see how much fat I can burn this time đŸ™‚ I hope my week off won’t make it too hard for my body to adapt quickly. I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!

I’ll also be making more of an effort with the primal laws related to moving often at a moderate pace, sprinting every once and a while, and lifting heavy things. I may have to purchase some weights for my home. I’ll also be trying to stop watching TV at least an hour before bed. More on these primal laws later. Enjoy the pics from my holiday binge…








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