Random Thoughts and Grass Fed Meat

It seems like only yesterday that I was eating ice cream, dairy products, flour and legumes- all without tummy aches. At least I thought so, since I had no idea how amazing my digestive system would feel without those things in there- my, how times have changed.

Christmas has been a trying time for my primalness, as I suspected it would be. It seems my manager (god love him) has a new member of the Lindt collection waiting on my desk every morning. I know that lindors are a gateway chocolate for me… But I went in anyway… after all, it’s Christmas. Before I knew it, one led to four and I had to send an emergency message to friends on the 4th floor to host an intervention and save me from the headache and stomach pains that would soon follow. They made it just in time, before I could make it to number five. The stomach aches didn’t come, but the headache sure did.

Other than chocolate binges, I’ve been doing pretty well, almost 80/20 in favour of primal, but probably more like 75/25, thanks to alcohol. Why does everyone drink so much at Christmas? Partly because alcohol is a way to kick back and celebrate, but for me, because everyone else is and I don’t want to be left out. I hate being that person who orders water when the others order beers- or the person who goes home and works out, in lieu of having drinks with a friend in need.

So, tonight, I went out for “one drink” after a work function where I had already consumed a glass of wine from a bowling alley in Quebec that came out of a box and tasted like paint thinner. One drink led to three rather quickly, and the bartender was definitely not pouring me singles… Spiced rum, another Christmas vice.

But on a positive note, I received my first order of grass fed beef and chicken from Grazing Days on the weekend. Ten pounds of grass fed beef and a grass fed chicken were brought to my door by a smiling farmer. I gave the man cash, and stuffed the goods in my freezer (see pic below). I was impressed with the variety… A roast, sirloin, rib eye, sausages, and ground beef. I had a relatively small piece of the massive sirloin cut tonight. To be honest, I couldn’t really decipher a difference in taste between the grass fed beef, and what I get at Aubrey’s butcher shop. But, it was much more convenient, and not much more expensive, if at all. Also, Aubrey’s has been quite inconsistent in their service lately… One day they were almost entirely out of beef, and out of bacon on another. Now they are closed because of a
flood. As such, I tried the bacon at Sasloves on the weekend… It wasn’t nearly as good. Aubrey’s is still my favorite butcher shop in Ottawa, despite the issues lately.

Anyhow… All this to say, although Christmas is kicking my smaller primal ass, I have not gone too far off track yet. I can’t or else I get sick haha. I plan to do another 21- 30 days of 100% primal, beginning in January. I have a feeling I’ll be needing a cleanse.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!





5 Random Thoughts

1- I bought a dress today… Size 6!!!! And a skirt… Size 7!!!!! And I’ve never fit in those sizes at that store, not even when I weighed 5 pounds less (perhaps I have more muscle).

2- I need to try to eat more fish, Mark says so. Mussels was on his list of fish to eat, so I got a pound the other day… Loved it.

3- I’ve started reintroducing Greek yogurt into my diet with one cup of the Greek, higher protein, higher fat, no sugar added variety. Just milk, cream, and bacterial cultures… Not only did it not hurt my tummy (Alexis, avert your eyes from the remainder of this paragraph), but it also helped regulate my system. Things were feeling a little hard that day, if you know what I mean. Not 30 minutes after eating the yogurt, it softened everything right up, like
Magic. Seriously, I went like 3 times after that, in the same day. I think I’ll be eating that once or twice a week. I find this strange because my Primal ice cream was giving me some discomfort. Maybe cream has more lactose or something.

4- Eating peanut butter hurts now. I’ve had natural crunchy peanut butter twice since December 1st, and both times, I was left with stomach cramps. Not sure what that is about.

5- Eating refined sugar gives me migraines now. I had 2 pieces of fudge after work, and got a Migraine about 10 minutes after. I noticed that this also happened when mixing my christmas spiced rum with pop.This is why people only cheat 20% of the time, if causes pain!!!! That pumpkin spice fudge is still pretty damn good though.


Still primal!

My 30 day challenge has been over for a few days now, but I’m sticking things out, 80% of the time. The only grain I’ve eaten was flour found in a small piece of biscotti. I’ve had refined sugar (I’m assuming it was refined) in one piece of pumpkin spice fudge, and in pop I’ve mixed with spiced rum and coke… Nothing says Christmas like a spiced rum and coke ( or Pepsi, even better). I don’t want to make that a habit, just at Christmas parties ­čÖé

Even after a few drinks, I’ve been able to stick if out. I had a couple wings instead of pizza last night, and went home to leftover chicken and sweet potatoes after the bar, instead of my traditional double cheeseburger (or 2). This morning I had a primal hangover breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, cherries and half a banana.

I followed up breakfast with a 16k hike through Gatineau park. I think Mark would be proud. I have to say, after burning 800 calories over 3 hours, I would typically be STARVING. But today, not so much. A primal pumpkin pie smoothie (thanks neighbor!) and a couple macadamia nuts was all I needed to feel satisfied… Until dinner, anyway ­čÖé

Here are some pics of the hike, and the delicious smoothie! The recipe is in a previous post, Char left it as a comment.







Weigh-in and Measurements (part1)

Good morning!

I call this (part 1) because I am only 3 days away from Aunt Flow paying a visit, and will likely see different results after she leaves town. hopefully moving from 100% primal, to 80% primal, will not mucky with things too much.


Before: 158-159 pounds (scale I used for first weigh in seems to be off by 2-3 pounds) 

After: 152.3 pounds… So, I’ve lost at least 6 pounds, I think that is really going to be more like 8-10.

So, not crazy results… But…


Waist: from 29 to- 27.5
Chest: 34 and 36 to- 32 under the girls, 36 over
Hips: from 37- 36.5
Butt: from 41 to 39!
Thighs: from 25 big ones each to- 24 smaller-big ones each!

That’s a total loss of 8 inches! Yep, I’m pretty happy with those numbers. Anything that actually makes my butt and thighs smaller is okay in my books. I think this was, and will continue to be, totally worth the sacrifice.

I had the biscotti waiting for me on my desk, when I got to work this morning… and I think that will be my only non-primal indulgence┬átoday. Not feeling any crazy gluten affects at the moment, but it was a pretty small piece. And also, pretty freaking delicious.